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Area rugs: tiny in stature, big in style & function

An area rug can be used to separate and divide a space. It can create two separate areas, such as the living and dining rooms, standard in today's modern open layouts. It can also be used to section off a corner of a room, as a small home office or reading area.

A scatter rug, just like a carpet, eliminates noise. You'll often see them layered over hardwood; they not only accent and highlight the wood undertones, but they keep vibrations from bouncing off walls and creating echos. They also add comfort, warmth, and texture to a room with a hard surface floor. You can also use them to make mini remodels by layering them over a more neutral carpet; when you want a new look, change the scatter rug!

As for allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, study and study prove that both carpets and area rugs are fine and, in fact, improve indoor air quality. With carpet or area rugs, pollutants and particles (vacuuming gets only the surface dirt) get trapped into the fiber, where they'll remain until they're cleaned. This is unlike sweeping, which can sometimes release particles into the air.

Both carpet and area rugs add warmth, charm, and glamour to your home. At Metro Carpet & Floors, we have five showroom locations: City, State, City, State, City, State, City, State, and City, State. Visit us for inspiration and to see our extensive selection of carpet and area rugs.