Terms and conditions



All sales are subject to the terms and conditions appearing herein and on the reverse side which the buyer acknowledges to reading and agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions.

All floor stock items are purchased “as is” unless otherwise indicated in sales contract.

Metro Carpet and Floors can engage independent installation contractors for you, but it must be part of the written agreement. Expert installation contactors will do a professional job – quickly, efficiently with least possible inconvenience to you. Before the installers arrive we suggest you remove glassware, lamps, and any fragile items or art objects from rooms to be carpeted. If you currently have carpet on the floor please remove it, unless you’ve arranged with the installer to remove it and it is included as part of this written sales agreement. Plan to be home on the date of your installation, as a specific arrival time and cannot be scheduled.

Should a condition exist or be found at the site of installation, which was not readily apparent at the time of purchase or measure, the order may be modified to increase or decrease the purchase price to rectify the condition.

Unless otherwise indicated, when there is a C.O.D. order payment in cash or by certified check must be made either to the driver or the installer at the time of the delivery and before installation.

If you have a problem or any question regarding your carpeting, please contact your salesperson at the store from which your purchase made.

In the event of a cancellation of a customer after the material has been cut, specially ordered or held longer than 30 days, the customer agrees to pay, as liquidated damages, a sum equal to 30% of the total purchase price. All refunds are paid by check and mailed to customers. No exceptions can be made.

In the event of a cancellation by the customers on custom work, the customer agrees to pay a sum equal to 50% of the total purchase price of the custom work portion of this contract.

Remnants and cuts from roll stock held over 15 days without additional payment will return to stock.
All remnants sales are final. No exchanges and no refunds.

Vinyl Floor Installation: We are not responsible for problems arising from underlayment not installed by Metro Carpet and Floors.

This order is not effective until approved by management.

As part of this written sales experience, Metro Carpet and Floors guarantees installations for 2 years. This guarantee is applicable to installations of a permanent nature. This excludes tape-down, loose lay or form fit installations which will be done only at the customer’s responsibility.

Purchasers agrees that title to the above described property, notwithstanding its attachment to the premises, is retained in seller or its assignment to secure this contract, that the property will not be removed from the state or otherwise be encumbered by any lien until payment of this contract has been made. Risk or loss or damage to property sold, whether from fire or other causes, the purchaser assumes occurring after delivery the purchases, and no such damage shall affect the rights of the company. It is further agreed that if this contract has to be placed in the hands of the attorney for the collection or has to be sued on. Any litigation that arises necessitating the employment of an attorney for the protection of Metro Carpet and Floors, or its assigns, the undersigned will pay the responsible attorney fees and expenses of Metro Carpet and Floor which fee will be added to the amount due herein. Delivery of merchandise is contingent upon strikes, lockouts, fires, accidents, inability to obtain material, governmental acts and other causes beyond our control.

Custom-made area rugs have 1-1/2” tolerance in both length and width.

Invoice is based upon measurements or blueprints furnished by the customer, and the price shall be subject to change should actual measurements vary from those submitted. Customer agrees that verbal confirmation of changed prices shall be binding.

Placing of all seams shall be left to the discretion of the installation contractor unless otherwise specified herein in writing. Patterns will be matched as closely as possibly, but cannot be guaranteed.

Manufacturers are permitted to change carpet backings. This will not affect quality, and a 2% variance in carpet widths is within mill tolerances.

When installation is part of the contract, installation contractors will exercise every care possible in reinstalling shoe moulding, but cannot be responsible for breakage or other damage to shoe moulding. Customer is responsible for providing shoe moulding. All linoleum installations require shoe moulding.

If contract includes moving of appliances the installation contractor will disconnect or reconnect water or gas fittings.
Unless otherwise specified in writing within contract, Metro Carpet and Floors cannot guarantee length of wear of service or floor covering. The items sold under this order, except as otherwise specified herein, are subject only to those warranties offered, if any, by the manufacturer. All other warranties express or implied, including the warrantee or merchantability or any implied warrant that the good shall be for a particular purpose, are herby excluded.
Color match to samples will vary from dye lot to dye lot and cannot be guaranteed.

Stairs are covered from walls to spindles, unless otherwise specified in this contract.

Neither the contracted installer or us are responsible for scoring of baseboards due to knife cuts for the reason that the additional carpet must be cut to allow for tuck-in carpeting on tackles installation.

Shading, shedding, fluffing, or pile crushing are not manufacturing defects, but inherent characteristics of pile fabrics. Missing tufts are not a defect. Claims of this type will not be considered only on the basis of reinserting such missing tufts be burling without charge for labor or material. Claims for sprouting, high loops, flecks, oily ends, oily yarn, wool knots, cotton or jute slubs, burrs, tarry tufts, hard and slack twisted yarns, will be considered only on the basis of correcting these conditions. If we cannot correct them, they may be classified as manufacturer defects.
Customers must obtain any local fire authority approval required for floor covering purchase.

In the event of default by the customer under any of the terms and provisions hereof, and should the seller employ an attorney to enforce any provision hereof, or to collect damages for breach of this contract, the customer shall pay to the seller such reasonable attorney’s fees as may be expended with respect thereto. In addition, should buyer breach this agreement, the seller may charge and collect a restocking fee. Such remedy shall be in addition to all other remedies available to seller. Buyer and seller agree that this contract is the complete agreement between the parties and that everything the buyer expects the seller to perform is written hereon; buyer and seller also agree that this contract can be modified only in writing, with the consent of both parties. This contract shall be governed by the uniform commercial code as adopted in the state of sale. In the event of a conflict between a term herein and the uniform commercial code, the term herein will control.

This invoice is subject to corrections for clerical or mathematical errors.
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