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How to select the best carpet for your needs

Walk into our carpet store, and you'll see hundreds of rugs, from a heavy plush to a sleek frieze and more. Choosing the right one is vital for your installation; it won't just look great, but it will perform well and last for years. You don't need to be an expert, but have some knowledge of basic terms.

Fiber: the most important decision you'll make

The advantages to choosing carpet are endless. From the soft to touch surface, to the warm and comfortable feel, carpet can make any space complete. Not only is it functional, but it is aesthetically pleasing and can make any space feel like home.

For example, one who is environmentally conscious may find appeal in a natural. The wool comes from sheep, and it's plush, soft, and all-white. Synthetics tend to be a little more resistant to stains; nylon is ultra-resistant as long as its coated; polyester and olefin are both hydrophobic, meaning that there are no open dye lots for the stain cells to attach, giving them inherent stain resistance. Triexta is a relative newcomer, strong and with permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber. Synthetics can be soft, depending on the style of the rugs.